Factory Pick-Up Newmar

From the day we decided we wanted a Newmar Coach, we both agreed we would splurge and opt for the Factory Pick-up in Nappanee, Indiana. We have owned travel trailers and 5th wheels, but this is our first Class A. 

Prior to ordering our coach, we drove to Nappanee to meet with the designer specialist, Natalie. What a wonderful experience!! This all happened in October of 2020, during the height of the pandemic. Using safety precautions, we met and went over all our desired special custom ideas. Natalie was the best at helping us and working with the Newmar team to be sure everything was discussed fully. Even though we had already decided on colors options (inside and outside), she was wonderful to bounce ideas off and give us ideas we had not considered. 

We knew we wanted a pick-up date of July – August and Newmar handled it like the pros they are. Our offline date was early July. Factory pick-up scheduled for July 12. 

July 12, we showed up at the Newmar Factory in Nappanee. Let us start by saying Newmar is a class act! From the first moment we walked in, we felt like family. Sue, the wonderful receptionist, welcomed us like old friends. Alvin was our service team lead and Ryan, our service technician. Again, we felt like instant family! 

The Newmar Facility is quite the place. At the service center, comfort is at its finest. Multiple waiting areas, including areas for those with pets. Laundry services. Kitchen area. Work stations. And the service area looks like it’s been spit-shined.A But watching the techs drive these massive rigs in & out of the building is one of the most impressive things. 

Walking into the service bay and seeing our coach for the fist time, we could hear the angels sing. This beast of a coach shining like the brightest star. Instant love!!!!

Prior to our arrival, our tech had gone over our coach with a fine tooth comb. As complex as these rigs are, there is no way for the rigs to be perfect. Ryan did an incredible job of having it close! The attention to detail did not disappoint and for that we were appreciative. 

For five days, we spend time going over ever aspect of the coach. Ryan gave us a full tour, showing us how to work all the systems. How to maintain the coach. Allowing us to ask questions. Allowing us to ask the same question over and over. We took notes. We made checklists. Ryan even checked over our checklists to be sure we didn’t miss anything. Our service team was ever patient in answering our questions, regardless how many times we asked the same question.

For Factory pick-up, you stay in your coach in the special Newmar campground on property. The technician knocks on your door every morning somewhere around 6-6:30 am. You have time to ask questions. You go over anything you may have noticed that needs attention. More notes. More lists. In our case, Ryan would then take the coach into the service bay to make any adjustments, corrections, fixes that are needed. 

Back to Kamp Newmar. This is a no frills, perfect location for comfort. Nice wide concrete pads with (obviously) full hook-ups. Well groomed. The campground is gated with access code for entering. And its always nice to be around your Newmar family. Spending time in the evenings meeting others was a highlight of our stay. 

While we were there, we took the coach out in the evenings to practice driving. We used the local high school to practice backing up, turning and parking. We won’t mention how many cones we might have taken out while practicing. 

What we took away from the experience and can offer as advice. 

-Listen to everything

-Pay attention to as much as you can

-Don’t stress about not remembering everything

-Recommend boondocking one night in the campground. Better to learn that when help is close by.

And the big question we are always asked: 

If you could do it over, would you do it again? 

No thought process needed. Absolutely. And when we eventually upgrade our coach, we will be back for our 2nd Factory Pick-up!!! 

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  1. Oh Alex…I could ‘hear’ you talking when I read your comment. ? How complimentary of Newmar and their level of service!
    It was such a Joy to meet you & Tonya!

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