Four Weeks at the Most Magical Campground on Earth

We have raised our kids by taking them to Fort Wilderness, so we are no strangers to the Fort. As new empty-nesters you probably wonder why we would want to spend time at Disney. Well, because it’s Disney. A place you can suspend reality and be anything you want to be. Oh wait, I think we did that when we decided to vacation every day of our life as RVers. 🙂 

Fort Wilderness did not disappoint! We met some great like-minded folks. We enjoyed the 50th Anniversary in the Most Magical Place on Earth. We spend time at the Disney parks. We met Cast Members who created memorable moments. We looped and looped and looped…and looped. (That’s a Fort Wilderness must!) We enjoyed quiet time around the fire pit (be sure to watch our YouTube video about the Wandering Fire pit And we were even able to save a snapping turtle, who we named George, from certain death. 

Would we do it again? You bet!!! Were we ready to change locations? Lets just say yes, we were ready as we cried our way thru leaving. We always know its a place we love when we are sad to leave and looking forward to coming back. Like when you are eating your favorite food. Happy to eat it all, yet sad to see it gone. 

Thanks to Disney for the great memories! And until next time, 

See Ya Real Soon!