Ah-mazing Kohlrabi Soup

  • Vegetable Broth, 32 oz
  • Water, 32 oz
  • Kohlrabi, grated 10 oz
  • Juice of lime
  • Lime Zest from one lime
  • Red Onion, Diced 1 whole
  • Baby Tomatoes, halved  1 small container
  • Garlic, Spicy Cloves 2 TBSP
  • Sliced carrots, 3 SMALL peeled and sliced
  • Black Pepper 1/2 tsp 
  • Onion Powder 1/2 tsp 
  • Chili Powder 1 TBSP
  • Cumin 1/4 tsp
  • Fresh Basil, chopped 2 TBSP 
  • Fresh Chives, chopped 1 TBSP
  • Celery Salt or Seed 1/2 tsp 
  • Rice Vinegar 1 TBSP

In crockpot, add 32 oz vegetable broth and 32 oz water.  I prefer the No Salt Added Broth. Saute red onion & garlic. Add to crockpot. Add rest of ingredients, except lime zest to crockpot. 

Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours.

To serve, top each bowl with small amount of lime zest! Can add shaved Italian cheese, if desired.

*Substitutes: Can use Chicken Broth in place of Vegetable Broth. Could probably use cabbage in place of Kohlrabi. I haven’t tried it yet, but will once Kohlrabi season ends. Garlic – I used spicy garlic cloves chopped. Can use fresh or jarred.