Working out while RV Living

You only have so much room in an RV, event with just two of you! We are learning how to balance the RV with being able to workout…here is what we have come up with so far:

Keep in mind, we are only 4 days in to the working out lifestyle!

We use Apple Fitness+ (mainly because it is included in our Apple subscriptions so we get Apple Music, Apple TV+, etc.) It works well for us to have 10-30 minute workouts. We also both have Apple Watches that allow us to track our activity.

One of the limitations with Fitness+ is that the workouts can only track one person on their apple watch. We overcame that by Tonya using her iPad and me using the AppleTV. We both select the same workout video and then both hit start at the same time. Tonya then sets her iPad aside (or positions it so she can see it in the RV when we are working out inside) and we both do the workout together.

On a nice day, we use the outside TV and are able to do more active workout sessions. on rainier/colder days, we are learning to workout inside. We have found that the strength and core sessions (and yoga) are good for inside with limited room. Alex can’t fully stretch upright and there is certainly no jumping for him inside.

We will continue to update this page as well as post Blogs, etc. on how our workouts are evolving as we continue to move forward in The Healthy RV!